New night time checkout by -SD-muzza455 .
-SD-Village!By -SD-DELTON
-SD-Village!By -SD-DELTON
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New Downtown By -SD-DELTON
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Fishing Village By -SD-muzza455
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8:39-- -SD-DELTON: «link»
8:39-- -SD-DELTON: Because of the problem with umm's you will all need to unsubscribe and the re-subscribe to any umm that has been updated.. The only one on our server that you will need to do this with is
16:03-- -SD-Tielaxu: evening guys, delly, and bossie :D
14:29-- -SD-DELTON: Servers set up for new shit update
15:11-- -SD-Ryning: lol
12:36-- -SD-DELTON: -SD-Uncle Ryning good afternoon :D
9:11-- -SD-DELTON: Omg looks like he is home from holiday :devil:
18:27-- -SD-DELTON: :D Very HappyVery Happy Whats up fatty :D Very HappyVery HappyVery Happy
18:26-- -SD-fatty: you bitch delton :devil: :P
14:36-- -SD-Ryning: Hey Bloo, welcome back
14:30-- -SD-DELTON: Welcome back Cheez :D
12:36-- -SD-Mad_Ace: heeey cheez
11:04-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: hey mad ......
8:01-- -SD-rebourne: hello BlooCheez :)
20:21-- -SD-BlooCheez: Hello Guys
11:02-- -SD-rebourne: that's a promise Lady, cya Monday :)
7:08-- -SD-DELTON: Good to see you back Craazy :D
19:40-- -SD-muzza455: Hehe rock on craazy.
18:16-- Craazy: I'm gonna come shoot all you fellas Monday... or die trying hehehehe. miss ya guys but coming for ya.:devil::-*
15:37-- -SD-DELTON: 7pm uk time the scrim girls :D
13:51-- -SD-Bossie: Haha :devil:
10:29-- -SD-DELTON: Thanks to ACI for our clan tag protection. Hooah.
10:28-- -SD-DELTON: BC2 Kick: -SD-Bossie Player -SD-Bossie using unauthorized clan tag -SD-SoulDefenders [bc2] :devil: always breaking the rules Boots :D Very HappyVery HappyVery HappyVery Happy
16:18-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: OK who's upset the apple cart!!!!!!!!!!! :devil: :D evil::devil::devil::devil::devil:
11:58-- -SD-muzza455: Lol
11:53-- -SD-Bossie: Hey
10:54-- -SD-DELTON: Boots
10:46-- -SD-DELTON: «link»
15:36-- -SD-rebourne: specialy for you we will play it and let you kill me :)
8:13-- -SD-TeRRoRz: Hey guys, sorry I've not been on much this week had a lot going on! I will be on for the remainder of the week to get some practice in for Sundays clan match though! Would it be okay to play that Mount Makena (Excuse spelling) tonight or tomorrow so I can get some practice in on it please?
15:37-- -SD-muzza455: Cheers guys
15:23-- -SD-rebourne: good luck mate and wishes to your granddaughter :)
15:21-- -SD-DELTON: Good luck at the specialist and wish your granddaughter a happy 1st Birthday from me :D
13:42-- -SD-muzza455: Off to see spinal specialist today and my granddaughters 1st birthday so be on a bit later than usual.
20:20-- -SD-muzza455: all members read and reply please vvvvvv
20:19-- -SD-muzza455: «link»
11:30-- -SD-DELTON: :D Very Happy
11:26-- -SD-muzza455: Looks good deli
9:02-- -SD-muzza455: Later
9:02-- -SD-muzza455: Not back till layer tonight guys , hope u all missing me .
10:36-- -SD-DELTON: «link»
8:11-- -SD-Mad_Ace: Goooood morning :)
9:49-- -SD-TeRRoRz: Morning ladies
14:35-- -SD-TeRRoRz: Have messaged several clans to see what I can find and who is up for a match :)
14:35-- -SD-TeRRoRz: In search for more clan matches as we speak!
7:22-- -SD-DELTON: Still down its been 3 days now
17:06-- -SD-DELTON: Hello,

We currently have the DC looking into the server issue we rebooted the box due to some security updates and the box has not recovered yet.
The tech at the DC are performing diagnostics on the drives in order to try and recover any data. We currently do not have an eta on this as to when it will be resolved.

LPGS Staff
13:52-- -SD-DELTON: Some members have asked where to see screenshots so I have added a new tab at top of page ."Fun House Screenshots".
7:53-- -SD-DELTON: Our servers at lowping are still down, I put a ticket in but no answer for 2 days now.
15:41-- -SD-Mad_Ace: thats offensive, why did you put a pic of your ass on the forum? :P
12:49-- -SD-DELTON: «link»
12:15-- -SD-Mad_Ace: may the force of the beard be with you :P
12:08-- -SD-muzza455: Afternoon bearded one
12:06-- -SD-Mad_Ace: Morning :)
11:51-- -SD-DELTON: I have changed the maps to rush on bc2 :D
11:31-- -SD-DELTON: Was fun last night on bc2 :D
11:31-- -SD-DELTON: Girls
7:52-- -SD-TeRRoRz: Good morning you wonderful people!
7:47-- -SD-DELTON: :D Very HappyVery HappyVery Happy
19:58-- -SD-DELTON: Good fun tonight well played everyone :D

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Well done -=TPA=-Spartanic

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