New night time checkout by -SD-muzza455 .
-SD-Village!By -SD-DELTON
-SD-Village!By -SD-DELTON
New Downtown By -SD-DELTON
New Downtown By -SD-DELTON
Fishing Village By -SD-muzza455
Fishing Village By -SD-muzza455
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13:06-- -SD-DELTON: Not finished banner yet also forum needs a lot of work but front page is almost done :D
13:05-- -SD-DELTON: Sneak peek the new website «link» ;)
12:24-- -SD-TeRRoRz: gg's last night with Ryning and Jimmybumms :)
11:21-- -SD-muzza455: Chat chat chat chat god u lot chat so much LMAO
14:51-- -SD-muzza455: Won't be on tonight . Baby sitting .
8:15-- -SD-DELTON: Bye :D
21:44-- TUSFIKTI: See you next saturday! Bye guys! :P
12:42-- TUSFIKTI: :D
12:28-- -SD-rebourne: did I hear anyone say PIZZA ? love it please send some slices :)
7:12-- -SD-muzza455: Nice one
22:41-- TUSFIKTI: I hope you want an italian pizza boy in your team. :P
22:40-- TUSFIKTI: I couldn't resist so I applied. :_(
14:47-- TUSFIKTI: Haha!
14:38-- -SD-muzza455: Shut up u girly LMAO
14:34-- TUSFIKTI: Oh shit. I added him. O.O
14:17-- -SD-DELTON: Advice for TUSFIKTI don't add muzza :devil: :D :P :devil:
12:58-- -SD-TeRRoRz: Hello team!
11:24-- -SD-muzza455: Added
11:18-- TUSFIKTI: Unfortunately I can't add you. I'm at Level 0, haha. You need to add me if you want. :D
11:18-- -SD-muzza455: Muz or muzza is fine
11:17-- -SD-muzza455: Yes m8 and ty . Add me to steam . You can check people's workshop through there steam profile.
10:50-- TUSFIKTI: muzza455, Fishing Village is amazing. Did you upload it in Steam?
10:07-- -SD-muzza455: Yes m8
9:01-- TUSFIKTI: Is this server based in UK?
8:23-- -SD-DELTON: Thank you TUSFIKTI and welcome to our website :D
20:08-- TUSFIKTI: Good evening. It's great to play on your server. ;)
8:47-- -SD-TeRRoRz: Oh and morning :)
8:47-- -SD-TeRRoRz: Good games last night guys, was good fun!
15:20-- -SD-muzza455: LMAO nope it's kick arse bot :P
15:06-- -SD-DELTON: Is that aimbot muzza :D
10:15-- -SD-muzza455: Not
10:15-- -SD-muzza455: Haha jimmy bot heard that in ages m8
9:57-- -SD-jimmyboy1952: happy Halloween guys ..... hope you go out guising ...... trick n treat is just American crap...... bring back the neeps ha ha ha
8:48-- -SD-DELTON: Girl
8:39-- -SD-TeRRoRz: Morning you lot :D :devil:
18:50-- -SD-TeRRoRz: Yeah wp everyone was good fun!
13:30-- -SD-DELTON: Was good fun Danny well played ;)
23:55-- DannyBoy1963: Great games today SD, thanks for hosting it was a lot of fun, sorry I missed the last game!
15:20-- -SD-Mad_Ace: i havent figured out if great means relly old or obese fat :P
15:19-- -SD-Mad_Ace: Delton the great grandmother
12:44-- -SD-DELTON: Exoloot the hmm I have nothing anyone ?
12:43-- -SD-DELTON: Ryning the uncle :devil:
12:42-- -SD-DELTON: Bossie Boots :devil:
12:41-- -SD-DELTON: Mad_Ace the nephew :devil:
12:40-- -SD-DELTON: Highlander The Bitch :devil:
15:12-- -SD-Bossie: haha :D
13:12-- -SD-DELTON: Warning!!! Possible Phishing link going around steam
12:05-- -SD-DELTON: Its Bossie :devil:
11:57-- -SD-TeRRoRz: Why is Delton flying around all over the home page on the website?
10:27-- -SD-DELTON: cheeky kids
6:10-- -SD-Cridus: old man
11:46-- -SD-DELTON: Bitches
8:23-- -SD-Cridus: morning girls
7:51-- -SD-TeRRoRz: and Bossie :)
7:51-- -SD-TeRRoRz: Morning Ladies!
9:47-- -SD-DELTON: Server back to normal.
12:23-- -SD-DELTON: I have put in a ticket please don't try to restart
9:41-- -SD-muzza455: server seems to be down at mo and wont let me restart
15:06-- -SD-DELTON: Girl
12:13-- -SD-TeRRoRz: Hello gays

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